Studia Humanitatis

Agency: Launch Media Executive Producer: John Jackson Director: Wes Kennison Producer: Deirdre Peterson Concept/Copy/Camera: Wes Kennison Aerials: Wes Kennison and Jordan Peck Camera Assistant/Audio Tech: Sara Wasserman Story Editor/Colorist: Sara Wasserman Art Direction: Wes Kennison Graphic Design: Matt Dawson Motion Design/Compositing: Ryan Golden Voiced by: Elizabeth Hutchison, Christopher Robert (LEH), and Shantrell Austin (LEH) In 2015, Launch Media donated $25,000 in production services to 2 Louisiana non profits. We accepted grant applications from over 30 non profit organizations. The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities was one of our selections, voted on by the entire Launch Media staff. Like most non profits who offer a wide range of services, the LEH needed some help in determining what aspect of their service offering they wanted to focus on. The challenge was to condense the somewhat esoteric subject of "The Humanities" into a tidy little package that gave viewers a sense of the broad scope of what the LEH offers Louisiana residents, while also conveying the true relevance of "The Humanities" to all of us who live here. Learn more about the the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities at

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