Hi! I'm a Writer, Director, Editor, and sometimes Composer based in Baton Rouge. I'm unbelievably fortunate to get to do what I do at a fine place called Launch Media. 
I'm crazy about my beautiful family, a bacon enthusiast, and rather shitty at talking politics.
I believe that moving images have always been a driver of human thought and evolution, and we've never lived in a better time to make ideas come to life on a screen. That's what I'm passionate about, so that's what I do.
I was born in Baton Rouge, La. and have lived here most of my life. I've been fortunate enough to live around the world, but Louisiana is home. 
As a young traveller, working through culture shock at an early age was an incredibly beneficial thing for me.
This early learned ability of acumen in unfamiliar territory, paired with an unrelenting work ethic has served me well.

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